Simple English pea recipe


Organic fresh English peas

I love spring mostly for the fresh English peas we get to enjoy. This is one of my favorite foods to add to other dishes, and it has become a fun snack for my toddler as well. English peas are a healthy whole food, they are fun to snack on and easy to bring on the go. Do yourself and your kiddo a favor, learn how to prepare fresh English peas and stop buying the frozen ones.

Ingredients :

1 large bag of English peas (min 50 ct) I might even get 100 so I can save some in the freezer

kosher salt


Recommended cooking tools:

1 medium size pot

1 fine mesh strainer 

2 stainless steel bowls

storage containers


Steps 1-3 shucking, separating and preparing to cook

  1. Pinch the pea at the top and break it open at the seam. You will see all the beautiful peas inside. Run a finger down the pea and scrape out all the peas into a clean bowl.
  2. Use one bowl for shucking the peas into and one bowl for the discarded part of the English pea
  3. Heat up a pot of bowling salt water- once boiling add all peas at once.

    Steps 4-6 cooking, cooling and storing

  4. Add peas to boiling salted water
  5. cook for around 5 min-no more then 10. You may want to do a taste test and see where you feel is approbate to stop cooking.  you do not want to overcook them, they are better when they have texture, and they have more nutrition when cooked for less time.
  6. Once done cooking, strain immediately and run under COLD water until they stop cooking completely.

    Once cooled, these peas are ready to eat. There are so many recipes that English peas can be used for, from pestos to nice additions to pasta, and like I said just a simple healthy snack for the kids. You can save them in the freezer so you have them all year even when they are not in season.

    I also like to reheat them in a pan with some salt and ghee- they make a super healthy snack for both the kids and adults!

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