# 23 Postpartum reality and the challenges new mothers face



This swaddle is awesome and I wish I found it sooner! My son didn’t love having his arms swaddled, and this gave him the freedom to move around. They also have a bunch of transitional swaddles that made switching to an actual sleep sack so much easier.

This little nightlight is great. We used it both when Wes was in our room for those middle of the night feedings, and once he transitioned to his own room. You tap it to turn it on and off, and can control brightness just by touching it.
Also, if new moms and dads are looking for a little time for self-care, I’d recommend yogaglo, https://www.glo.com/. For just $18 a month, new parents can get access to meditations and online yoga classes. I’ve been a yogaglo subscriber for probably 7-8 years, and took a ton of their pre and post-natal yoga classes. The best part is you can filter by class length, style, etc. so you can truly find time for a quick practice or meditation.

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