Paleo baby food beet puree- recipe

Paleo beet puree (6 part puree for first-time solid food)

This Beet puree is so yummy even you will want to eat it up! The great thing about these simple pureed foods is that you can use them in so many ways! Once the baby is sick of eating the same puree, just mix it with another puree to change the flavor. Once baby is ready for textured food, you can add this puree to quinoa, veggies rice, beans, chopped chicken, use as a sauce or a dressing. You can even add it to a soup or stew to add flavor and extra nutrients.

This recipe is part of my 6 part baby food starter kit. It’s very important to get the right FIRST food into your baby’s mouth so that you may start to train the palet. I highly recommend staying away from fruit or really sweet foods for the first 3 months of solid food. Your baby only knows one flavor to this point and that is formula or breast milk. It’s in your hands to choose what will be the next flavors they taste. If we didn’t know chocolate and sugar existed we wouldn’t crave it. Of course, you will eventually give your little one fruits and probably processed sugars at some point as well, but the longer you can keep the processed foods out the better. We are trying to set up healthy eating habits for the long term, this is not a short term fix. I have created a 6 part first food system that I did with my daughter and she is an amazing eater. She eats pate’ vegetables, fish, fish eggs, seaweed, fermented foods..etc

My point is, it works! The only thing you need to do is stick to it, don’t give up and remember it can take your little one 10 times to start liking a new food.

Ingredients list

  • 6-10 medium-size red beets
  • 1 tablespoon Grass-fed Ghee
  • Bone broth-enough to cover and blend
  • vegetable peeler

Equipment list

  • Chefs knife
  • blender
  • cooking pot
  • silicone molds
  • baby food pouches
  • Infantino baby food filler

Step 1-5

Prepping the beets, and sautee’

  1. Cut off root and the top end of each beet
  2. peel beets
  3. chop into manageable pieces
  4. heat up ghee and (fat from bone broth if using)
  5. add beets and a dash of salt to pot and sautee for 5 min

Step 6-

cooking beets, blending and saving

6. After you sautee the beets, add the bone broth, just enough to barely reach the top of the beets. Cook until tender- let cool slightly (10-15 min)

7. Add beets and broth to blender- blend to a silky texture. Add more broth to blend as needed. Taste and add more salt if you want.

8. Once you have your puree you can do a few things. First, feed that baby! Nothing is better than fresh (hot) from the stove baby food! Second, you can store it, either use the silicone molds and freeze or use the reusable baby pouches. This will last you a while and it wonderful to mix and match this food.

Please leave a comment below and let us know how your little ones liked it!

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