Sweet potato spinach puree

Rhylie’s sweet potato and spinach puree

This is a simple 3 ingredient puree and its so easy to make. I suggest adding spinach or kale to ALL of your purees and getting your little one used to eating green foods. The pureed food is not meant to be eaten alone but rather part of a bigger and well-rounded diet. These purees are some easy ways to introduce whole nutrient-dense foods to your kids. The use of purees started losing popularity because of baby-led weaning, but  I personally love purees because you can pack so much NUTRITION into these foods. Any puree you find here can be used as a sauce for many other foods, pasta’s meats and roasted veggies.



  • Sweet potato
  • spinach
  • grass-fed ghee
  • bone broth or coconut milk



Step’s 1-3 Organize ingredients & prep

  1. get organized! Make sure you everything you need out of the fridge and ready to go.
  2. Prep sweet potato- peel sweet potato then cut into manageable chunks, because you are going to puree this you don’t need to worry about any fancy cutting technique, just chop it up into relatively same size pieces so that they cook at the same time.
  3. wash spinach and set aside

Step 4-5 start cooking!

4. Sautee sweet potato pieces in ghee for a few mins then add broth or liquid of choice. Cook until tender and cooked through. Turn off and let cool slightly. I like to use the fat from the bone broth to sautee the veggies if you are using the broth.

5. Add spinach to the pot and give one stir. You don’t want to overcook the greens and damage them or cookout any nutrition. The heat from the potato will carry over to the spinach and cook them efficiently.

Step 6- Blend your veggies & save your puree

6. Add ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Add more broth if necessary but not so much that it becomes watery. You want a smooth and slightly thick puree.


7. Saving and storing your puree. You can save the puree by freezing into silicone molds or by adding to reusable baby food pouches.







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