Fresh mint chocolate chip coconut ice cream

Coconut mint chip ice cream

This recipe is one I have gathered from a few different recipes that I found and sorta created the best version I could think would taste good. I love this one because the coconut milk keeps the ice cream really light and not leaving you with a heavy gut ache after eating a bowl.I use only one kind of Coconut milk, this one is the best becasue the whole can is cream and its the most affordable organic one I have found. I used the fresh mint in my garden and I think it came out better than any extract you can buy. The addition of the egg yolks makes the ice cream more custard-like and it tastes like it could be real cream. The other benefit is that you get more protein and some omega’s added to your treat!


2 can’s coconut cream

1 cup maple syrup

2 organic chocolate bars- shaved

2 organic chocolate bars

about 2 cups fresh mint




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